Earlier this month, Lyrebirds, a security research group discovered an exploit which likely affects hundreds of millions of cable modems worldwide. Because parameters sent via this are not restricted by the modem, it accepts JavaScript running in the browser – which gives attackers a way in as long as they can reach the browser (although not in Firefox, apparently). Cable Haunt Test Script This is a script for automatically testing whether your modem is vulnerable for the Cable Haunt Vulnerability.Per default the script will test for the spectrum analyzer with the following parameter, please see below why and how to change it The web interface on the Technicolor TC7230 STEB 01.25 is vulnerable to DNS rebinding, which allows a remote attacker to configure the cable modem via JavaScript in a victim's browser. Be the first one to, github.com-Lyrebirds-cable-haunt-vulnerability-test_-_2020-01-14_13-04-17, Advanced embedding details, examples, and help, https://github.com/Lyrebirds/cable-haunt-vulnerability-test, Terms of Service (last updated 12/31/2014). If the connection is established, the spectrum analyzer can be reached indirectly from outside the local network and is, at least partly, vulnerable. Or am I missing something? Mitigation? Diskutiere Sind wir von Cable Haunt betroffen? Remember that the more you add, the longer the port scan will take. The Lyrebirds team thinks nearly 200 million cable modems may be vulnerable to Cable Haunt in Europe alone. OTHERS STOP AT NOTIFICATION. We have only seen the Spectrum Analyzer being hosted on "" and "", which is rarely the default gateway, and the script therefore only scans these IPs per default. Minim's podcast series is back! ... > Cable Haunt is exploited in two steps. According to Lyrebirds, this analyser has several problems starting with the basic problem that the WebSocket interface used to control the tool from a web browser is unsecured. Follow @NakedSecurity on Twitter for the latest computer security news. The Lyrebirds research suggests that Cable Haunt works against as many as 200 million modems in Europe alone. If all your rule does is ‘block all IP traffic from anywhere to the router’ then you won’t be able to correspond with the router at all… so no DHCP, no DNS, no router configuration screen. According to the website the researchers set … Specifically, the flaw is in a normally hidden software layer called the spectrum analyser (SA) used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to troubleshoot a subscriber’s connection quality. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.​, Uploaded by They’ve reproduced the attack on ten cable modems from Sagemcom, Netgear, Technicolor and COMPAL, but other manufacturers also likely use the Broadcom chip containing the vulnerability. :,). Beyond that, because modem makers integrate the firmware for Broadcom modems to suit their own needs, the degree to which specific models using the software are affected is hard to predict. Der Zugriff auf den anfälligen Endpunkt erfolgt zunächst über einen Client im lokalen Netzwerk, wie beispielsweise einen Webbrowser. Thanks Created 01/21/2020 02:24 PM Edited 02/15/2020 12:23 AM My sincere thanks to the Cable Haunt researchers Alexander Dalsgaard Krog (Lyrebirds), Jens Hegner Stærmose (Lyrebirds), Kasper Kohsel Terndrup (Lyrebirds) and Simon Vandel Sillesen (Independent) as well as Graham Cluley for the excellent information which this blog post is built upon. Per default the script will test for the spectrum analyzer with the following parameter, please see below why and how to change it, Target IP: ''Port Range: 23 - 10000Test Credentials: [None, "admin:password", 'askey:askey', "user:Broadcom", 'Broadcom:Broadcom', 'broadcom:broadcom', 'spectrum:spectrum', 'admin:bEn2o#US9s'], False negatives are possible via the script and you could be still be vulnerable even if the script fails. The script uses a list of default credentials seen in the wild, that are all tried against the endpoints. Download Cable Haunt PC Test Application. Discovered by Danish company Lyrebirds and an … In the announcement, they disclosed a critical remote code execution vulnerability in hundreds of millions of cable modems. The researchers have also made available a test script that more technical users can use to work out whether a modem is vulnerable. If I’d written it I would have snuck the word BWAIN in there. Sophos experts, Google tests biometric authentication for Android autofill, Fleeceware is back in Google Play – massive fees for not much at all, ‘Cable Haunt’ vulnerability exposes 200 million cable modem users. I enjoy the article, however I would like to point out, that the 4.8 rating is related to a 2018 issue with the same last digits in its CVE entry. My modem and router are on separate internal address ranges, they’re not combined into a single device – The rule works as expected. A security vulnerability named “Cable Haunt,” in Broadcom’s cable modem, exposed around 200 million home broadband gateways in Europe, to remote hijacking attacks. All other traffic flows normally in and out of my modem but my endpoints cannot reach the modem on its internal address space. So any potentially comprised endpoint on my LAN’s subnet can’t reach the internal address range of my modem, so should no longer be able to deliver the buffer overflow used in the attack (that’s the question). If the first step is that the exploit executes in the browser of an endpoint on your LAN then wouldn’t a simple F/W rule: Deny Source: any/any, Destination any/LAN address of your cable modem simply prevent the compromised endpoint from sending the buffer overflow back to the cable modem? Some might have quietly done so already but expect others to take longer. Skip to main content. The attacker can then configure the cable modem to port forward the modem's internal TELNET server, allowing external access to a root shell. The researchers offer what looks like a valid reason for giving the issue a name – the desire to grab attention to a flaw they hint that some modem makers and ISPs have been ignoring since the company reported it to them in early 2019. WE TAKE ACTION, Get 24/7 managed threat hunting, detection, and response delivered by Research by security consulting firm Lyrebirds reveals that millions of cable modems are at risk. The second piece of good news is that there’s no evidence attackers have exploited the flaw – yet. Follow @NakedSecurity on Instagram for exclusive pics, gifs, vids and LOLs! Sagemcom [email protected] 3890 (50_10_19-T1) Cable Modem - 'Cable Haunt' Remote Code Execution.. remote exploit for Hardware platform The vulnerability, dubbed Cable Haunt and tracked as CVE-2019-19494, was identified by researchers from Lyrebirds and an independent expert. socket.onopen = function(e) { socket.send(exploit)};```If this crashes your modem, you are vulnerable.​, The script automatically scans your network to find the spectrum analyzer and tries to establish a connection to the WebSocket. These vulnerabilities allow an attacker to obtain external access to a cable modem and perform any number of activities intended to modify the operation of, or monitor the data passing through a cable modem. Discovered by three researchers from security consultancy Lyrebirds and an independent, the so-called “Cable Haunt” bug (CVE-2019-19494) is described as a buffer overflow, “which allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code at the kernel level via JavaScript run in a victim's browser.” The IPs and port range are set as variables in the top of the script so if you want to test more than the default, please change line 20 and 21, targets = ['', '']portRange = range(23, 65535), targets = ['', '', '']portRange = range(0, 65535). First discovered by Danish company Lyrebirds some time ago, Cable Haunt is an unusual flaw which in Europe alone is said to affect up to 200 million cable … This tool should be used for verification purposes only, and should not be used on equipment you do not own or otherwise is not allowed to destroy.There are absolutely no guarantees that this tool will detect any vulnerabilities, nor that it will not damage your equipment or cause damage in some other way. The script will afterwards, with your permission, send a specially crafted package that reboots the modem if vulnerable. If this happens, the modem is completely vulnerable.​, If the script does not find the spectrum analyzer, it could mean that it is not looking at the correct IPs or ports. None Cable Haunt Test Script This is a script for automatically testing whether your modem is vulnerable for the Cable Haunt Vulnerability. The Cable Haunt vulnerability is focused on the spectrum analyzer, a standard component of Broadcom silicon that protects modems from signal surges and other disturbances piped in by the coax. The flaw resides in […] This is changeable by the ISP and manufacturer and may therefore vary. MANCHESTER, N.H. (PRWEB) January 24, 2020 Minim, the AI-driven WiFi management and IoT security platform, today announced Cable Haunt Virtual Patch, a feature offering comprehensive exploit detection and prevention for the vulnerability that now affects hundreds of millions of Broadcom based cable modems around the world.. It’s a not a guarantee, however – even if it comes up negative, a modem might still be vulnerable, they caution. The spectrum analyzer is sometimes password protected. Apodado "Cable Haunt" por los investigadores de Lyrebirds, el fallo (CVE-2019-19494) se encuentra en los módems de cable en múltiples proveedores, incluidos Netgear, Sagemcom, Technicolor y … Cable Haunt wird in zwei Schritten ausgenutzt. You add to the list of credentials that are tested on line 21 of the script. The first piece of good news is that because cable modems are remotely managed, ISPs will apply a fix automatically when it becomes available. Cable Haunt was identified by Danish security firm Lyrebirds, which put up a website detailing the flaw. None Cable Haunt Test Script This is a script for automatically testing whether your modem is vulnerable for the Cable Haunt Vulnerability. The programming required to correct this issue is rather trivial, so hopefully patches should be easy to roll out. “Cable Haunt” Exploit: what you need to know, and steps to protect yourself. Using HTTPS instead of an exposed WebSockets would have dodged that bullet by implementing Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) security. When your ISP gets around to applying the fix will be up to them. Skip to main content. Joining us in the latest episode of The Signal is Kasper Terndrup of Lyrebirds, the cybersecurity consultancy that uncovered the Cable Haunt vulnerability.. Cable Haunt is a vulnerability that can be found in Broadcom based cable modems— hundreds of millions of which are in use today around the world. Umm no, not at all. I’m one of the discovers of this BWAIN. However, it is possible that a specific ISP or manufacturer has changed this and we would very much like to know if it happens. Cyber attackers can access and control all data traffic passing over the modem due to the vulnerability called ‘Cable Haunt’. on January 15, 2020, There are no reviews yet. Danish cybersecurity experts Alexander Krog, Jens Stærmose and Kasper Terndrup of cybersecurity firm Lyrebirds ApS, and independent Danish researcher Simon Sillesen, announced a new vulnerability dubbed Cable Haunt. Both applications implement the original javascript provided by Lyrebirds, but do it in a simple point and click way. They have dubbed it “Cable Haunt… Download Cable Haunt OSx Test Application . The only winning move is not to play im Internet und Telefon über das TV-Kabelnetz Forum im Bereich Internet und Telefon bei Unitymedia; Ein dänisches Forscherteam hat eine neue Schwachstelle in Kabelmodems gefunden. I’m typically quite displeased by this BigBrother facet of my CM, but today I’ll make an exception, downgrading to mildly irked. If you find the spectrum analyser manually you can also test whether it is vulnerable by running the following javascript in your browsers console while having the spectrum analyzer open and logged in.```exploit = '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Frontend::GetFrontendSpectrumData","params":{"coreID":0,"fStartHz":' + 'AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA' +',"fStopHz":1000000000,"fftSize":1024,"gain":1},"id":"0"}'console.log(exploit). Status of Mediacom cable modem updates to address the Lyrebirds "cable haunt" vulnerability (CVE-2019-19494)? Lyrebirds thinks it knows why things have been moving so slowly too: We are a small unknown crew with no reputation and could therefore not establish connection with any manufacturers directly, even though we tried. Danish researchers have published a report on the Cable Haunt vulnerability that threats millions of cable modem with Broadcom chips.. A ccording to experts, the problem threatens more than 200 million cable modems only in Europe. “Cable Haunt is a critical vulnerability found in cable modems from various manufacturers across the world,” the Lyrebirds site homepage reads. Dubbed Cable Haunt, and accompanied with a logo, for marketing purposes, the flaw was found by Alexander Dalsgaard Krog, Jens Hegner Stærmose, and Kasper Kohsel Terndrup from security company Lyrebirds, along with indie researcher Simon Vandel Sillesen. The attack may work against a larger number of … Cable Haunt is the code name assigned to represent two separate vulnerabilities that impact many of the cable modems in use around the world in 2020. The spectrum analyzer is often used by internet service providers for … Teknik tanımı ile ‘CVE-2019-19494‘ olarak bilinen ‘Cable-Haunt’ isimli bir güvenlik açığı, bu modemlerin hepsinde yer alıyor olabilir. At the time of writing the vulnerability is still awaiting analysis by nist: https://nvd.nist.gov/vuln/detail/CVE-2019-19494. If the script returns a "401: Unauthorized" on one of the possible target ports, it could mean that your spectrum analyzer uses new unknown credentials. Identified as CVE-2019-19494 (a second CVE, CVE-2019-19495, relates to the vulnerability on the Technicolor TC7230 modem), it’s clear from that list that this is a flaw users should not ignore. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive ... github.com-Lyrebirds-cable-haunt-vulnerability-test_-_2020-01-13_09-45-47 Item Preview Dubbed “Cable Haunt” by researchers at Lyrebirds, the bug (CVE-2019-19494) is found in cable modems across multiple vendors, including Arris, … "The attack can be executed by having the victim run malicious JavaScript," the team explained. Note that over 30,000 ports are scanned in this test and it can take up to an hour to complete. What is “Cable Haunt”? Bu bilgiyi veren Danimarka kökenli güvenlik danışmanlığı şirketi Lyrebirds, aynı zamanda kötü bir haber de iletmiş. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive, ​This is a script for automatically testing whether your modem is vulnerable for the Cable Haunt Vulnerability. A flaw, dubbed Cable Haunt, in Broadcom’s cable modem firmware exposed as many as 200 million home broadband gateways in Europe alone, at risk of remote hijackings. var socket = new WebSocket("ws://", 'rpc-frontend') //Or some other ip and port!!! If the researchers couldn’t get modem makers and ISPs to talk to them, customers may not get much further. The vulnerability affects cable modems using Broadcom’s reference software as part of their firmware, so the first thing is to work out whether your broadband connection is served using that technology combination (ones advertised as being fibre or ADSL are not affected). Lyrebirds 9 months ago. Cable Haunt Test Script This is a script for automatically testing whether your modem is vulnerable for the Cable Haunt Vulnerability.Per default the script will test for the spectrum analyzer with the following parameter, please see below why and how to change it According to the Danish-based security consultancy company Lyrebirds, a vulnerability called ‘Cable-Haunt’, known under the code name CVE-2019-19494, affects about Sounds a bit like locking your keys in the car to me…, Well heck, if you don’t wanna crash… it’s a perfect solution! Cable Haunt is a critical vulnerability in the firmware of cable modems disclosed in January 2020 by the team at Lyrebirds in Denmark.With this vulnerability external attackers can exploit a buffer overflow to take control of the modem… including potentially changing the modem firmware, redirecting user traffic, or making the cable modem participate in a malicious botnet. Leider … Broadcom based cable modems across multiple vendors are vulnerable to a buffer overflow, which allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary code at the kernel level via JavaScript run in a … Remember to use common sense here, for instance, you would probably get a 401 on port 80 on your default gateway since this the user interface. Hundreds of millions of Broadcom-based cable modems are at risk of remote hijacking due to the presence of a vulnerability dubbed Cable Haunt, CVE-2019-19494. See what's new with book lending at the Internet Archive ... github.com-Lyrebirds-cable-haunt-vulnerability-test_-_2020-01-14_13-04-17 Item Preview The Lyrebirds researchers say … The script will test if the modem rejects requests from an external origin, by setting the header parameters similar to how a browser or other modern client would. So does the conspicuous absence of the term BWAIN, confirm its use has officially been vaccinated? The researchers list several models and firmware versions known to be at risk from Sagemcom, Technicolor, Netgear, and Compal, but they caution that this isn’t exhaustive. Chrome browser has a New Year’s resolution: HTTPS by default, How to do cybersecurity – join us online for the Sophos Evolve event, Hot-swap code or even the entire firmware, Upload, flash, and upgrade firmware silently. Cable modems using Broadcom chips are vulnerable to a new vulnerability named Cable Haunt… When I saw the name “Cable Haunt” I did mutter “BWAIN” under my breath…, Hi! The risk: At this rate it would eventually leak out of our hands and into organizations with time and resources to take advantage of the vulnerability. Another Chrome zero-day, this time on Android – check your version! First discovered by Danish company Lyrebirds some time ago, Cable Haunt is an unusual flaw which in Europe alone is said to affect up to 200 million cable modems based on the Broadcom platform. Az év első komolyabb sebezhetőségére bukkantak kábelmodemeknél a dán Lyrebirds szakértői. — W.O.P.R. Sophos Home protects every Mac and PC in your home. A fortnight in to 2020 and we have the first security flaw considered important enough to be given its own name: Cable Haunt – complete with eye-catching logo.

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