The Saturn conjunct Neptune transit is known to bring stability and to make natives more patient and understanding than usual. Oh no, I’m so sorry to hear about your house situation! Be careful for whom and with whom you perform these good acts, since your perspective is somewhat clouded. Reply ↓ watergal on September 12, 2017 at 7:16 pm said: I have Neptune conjunct my pisces moon 11 degrees for awhile now and will for a bit longer also. If you are in contact with your inner being, you will notice many things that are happening in your inner psyche. Saturn Sextil/ Trigon Neptun (/): Konstruktive Ideale, Veränderungen werden mit Logik ausgeführt, spirituelle Interessen werden erweckt. The first Saturn return represents the true onset of adulthood. They have a certain belief of … Saturn in Taurus Sextile Neptune in Pisces is grasping the opportunities as they come to explore the desires of our heart and express ourselves through different art mediums. Dies ist natürlich eine Zeit, als wir brauchen, um ein paar blinde Flecken anzugehen, auch wenn die semi-Quadrat nicht provozieren kostet eine Krise der Selbst-Konfrontation ebenso wie die Transit-Platz. The aspects it makes last for up to six months, and transit Neptune through a house can last for years. Mars-Pluto Enhancement 9. Your intuition or telepathy can become more structured and stable. Situations may arise that make it easier to take things at face value, especially those elements that may defy description. Die Antwort hängt davon ab, ob es sich um einen Aspekt handelt, der in Ihrem Geburtshoroskop vorkommt, sich gerade im Kosmos bildet (Transit-zu-Transit-Aspekt), Ihr Horoskop durchläuft oder in einem Horoskopvergleich vorkommt (Synastrie - Beziehungsastrologie). Try to reduce your daily obligations and give yourself time to meditate, although at the beginning it produces disorientation and confusion. When transiting Jupiter is sextile your natal Neptune: This is an opportunity to grow spiritually. Even if it feels wrong and unfair. Die Häuser, in die das Sextil im Radix fällt, beschreiben die individuelle inhaltliche Ebene, wie auch die Häuser, die Saturn und Neptun regieren. They feel that their duty is to unveil scam artists, frauds, and hound people about the errors of their ways. Even type more than couple of sentences when there’s a lot more I’d like to say.. :(. Satisfying your own needs is less important now and you want to serve others. Der Wassermann steht für kollektives Verhalten, und Saturn im elften Haus wird sicherlich zeigen, wie Sie mit kollektiven Angelegenheiten bisher umgegangen sind. Transiting Saturn conjunct north node is a period of waiting and careful evaluation. All rights reserved. There is now a contradiction between illusions and reality. You can now realize these and overcome them, seeing clearly why they arise and what is their source. Positive manifestations • The sextile gives us the opportunity to end up in the right spot, to meet the right people, to realize goals that we've been after for a while. This is a good time for passionate romantic encounters. Wenn Neptun im Transit über Saturn zieht, weist er darauf hin, dass materieller und gesellschaftlicher Erfolg Mediale Fähigkeiten, Ahnungsvermögen und gutes Gespür. „Wie man einen Pluto Transit überlebt“ – diesen sehr ansprechenden, hilfreichen und auch humorvollen Text fand ich auf der Website meiner amerikanischen Kollegin Lynn Koiner. You are more attuned to the world of beauty, the arts, and the imagination. Sie können sowohl die möglichen Vorteile als auch die Fallstricke eines potenziellen Unternehmens oder Unternehmens erkennen, was Sie davon abhält, zu optimistisch oder zu pessimistisch zu werden. You can approach them with a practical outlook so you understand exactly what you can and can’t deal with right now, and you can go about healing in the right way. And the transit Saturn is conjunct my natal Neptune. When that natal planet is Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, we feel the effects in a personal way depending on the planet involved. Planetarische Aspekte: Saturn-Sextil Neptun. Venus-Neptun (Sextil, Trigon): Liebe: • Große Liebe, Potenzial für romantische Erfahrungen, tiefe Inspiration. Greater stability is likely in places where there was little or none as you tend to recognize what you cannot control. Saturn Conjunct Natal Neptune in transit meaning - Transit Aspects. However, this aspect between planets has common general themes. Sun-Uranus Bi-Directional Quincunx 15. You are disillusioned and have no strength. Circumstances often allow you to gain a better handle on what before may have seemed confusing or even unfathomable. The answer depends on whether it’s an aspect occurring in your natal chart, currently forming in the cosmos (transit-to-transit aspect), transiting your chart, or occurring in a chart comparison (synastry – relationship astrology). Although you sometimes can ?fix? Transit Saturn in a sextile with natal Saturn. Transit Chiron sextile or trine natal Saturn can be helpful for being responsible and practical with your wounds and baggage. Jahreshoroskop nach Felber Für Fabian Musterer geboren am 14.03.1974 um 15:48 MEZ in Thun 01.03.2017 - 28.02.2018 Erstellt mit Astroplus von Eveline Duschletta - - … You are asked to do everything in your power for the best outcome and let go of the rest. Luckily, I do have a great friend who is a Capricorn and she keeps me grounded. 2019 treffen sich Saturn und Neptun in einem Sextil. These are generational transits, and those around you can also feel the same, and increase their sensitivity and feelings of empathy. Saturn semi-sextile Neptune. Saturn transits are usually challenging and there is no place left for escaping your problems. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a429ffad0aa2a34173db982f81a88ceb" );document.getElementById("a54de2198f").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Copyright 2009–2021 Astrology Library. Those having Saturn conjunct Neptune in their Natal Chart often does not accept anything without hard evidence. Transit (moving) Neptune travels slowly, spending many years in one sign. For example: the Transit reading for Saturn Square Natal Pluto has a dramatic and classic interpretation known to represent serious professional obstacles, threats, coercion and desertion by others, etc. Astrological transits are a part of what is usually called predictive astrology, the claim of astrology to predict or forecast future trends and developments. You question many aspects of your life, particularly your goals and ambitions and how to obtain them. Therefore, you can come to terms with those elements that may undermine your life in some way. Asceticism may hold a special attraction for you now, or you may simply feel that you don't need very much to survive right now. You feel remorse for your failure to unite them in the past and not having managed to integrate both into your life. By applying yourself to those areas in need, you can fill any void that requires your attention. Saturn transits to your natal Neptune test your conscience and capacity to sacrifice. ... Saturn sextil Neptun… The only other strong aspect Saturn forms is a sextile to Venus (plus a sextile to Pluto and a trine to Neptune, if you use the outer planets). A feeling of insecurity invades you, the idea that it is possible that what you have chosen does not have enough meaning for your inner being. Your own imagination may amplify your fears and you may suffer from anxieties, escapism, or brooding psychological difficulties as you strive for self- … Feld, Neptun im 11. Remember, with every harmonious aspect that transiting Saturn makes, a stressful aspect is usually only 2 years away. You feel full of strange fantasies, and often there is no apparent reason for you to feel so depressed and disillusioned. You can guide effectively without having to control, and it is possible to move effortlessly while still being anchored to essential principles. Your life takes on a deeper meaning. Neptun Sextil/ Trigon Saturn (/): Sehr konstruktiv für das innere Leben, man erlangt eine angesehene Position, Rest wie oben. There is a tendency to follow strange hunches during this transit. Die vorletzte war 1821, die letzte hat in den Jahren 1993/94 stattgefunden. Finally I have found the right description – “no strength”. Saturn transits are about responsibility, maturity, reality. It means that you are going through a process of removing superficialities and getting down the bones of whatever planet it touches. The transit of Saturn opposite your natal Neptune is a very psychologically complicated period, and one of intense internal conflict. Saturn is the planet of life lessons in astrology. Zusätzlich finden sie hier das Liebeshoroskop, Planetenstunden, alle Transite des Tages und vieles mehr. Neptune Conjunct Moon A time during which you may be able to carry your ideals and dreams into reality to make your home and environment reflect your inner desires and become as you dreamed it could be. Depending on your personal process or lack of realism, it is sometimes advisable to ask for psychological help, do psychotherapy, or meditation. Saturn operates by the slow and steady principle in astrology. Da Dein Ehemann die nächsten Wochen ein Jupiter-Sextil und dazu ein Saturn-Sextil zu seinem Radix-Neptun hat, bestehen gewisse Chancen, daß er von selbst erkennt, wo und in welchem Ausmaß er sich selbst etwas vormacht – oder vorgemacht hat. Ein Sextil ist zwar ein harmonischer Aspekt, hat aber doch die Aufgabe, einfallsreiche und produktive Ausdrucksmöglichkeiten für das … A need for isolation is necessary to be able to reflect and bring more spiritual meaning to your life. You can accept everything that is real, without regard for the profits or egotistical gain. Therefore your health, mental and physical, is also at risk. As we all know, Saturn could be … Throughout time they will develop a higher level of ideals, and virtues. Neptun: 90. Be sure to keep an eye on the areas of your life ruled by the house that the Sun occupies, as well as those ruled … You can tolerate bureaucracies and outmoded systems to a point, but if the calcification, rigidity, and unresponsiveness is strong, you will rebel and refuse to cooperate. Neptune symbolizes the spiritual aspect of the personality, the possibility of spiritual growth. Saturn Trine Mars 7. Saturn semi-sextile Uranus. Or, if you are very involved in the material world, this is a time when you do not get your rewards and are easily disappointed so that you can learn to value ​​more what cannot be touched or seen. Transit: An diesem Tage sind Sie einfühlsamer als gewöhnlich, doch heisst das noch lange nicht, dass Sie das auch Ihren Mitmenschen verständlich machen können. Venus Sextile Neptune Transit. ovaj tranzit Saturna ukazuje na nešto izraženije mogućnosti za javljanje situacija koje bi na neki način mogle poticati introspekciju i kreativnost kada osoba može naučiti da bolje vlada sobom i da uspješnije kontrolira razne životne situacije. But afterwards, you will have acquired a deeper understanding of the world and how you are affected by certain oppressive and negative situations in your daily actions. Saturn Sextil / Trigon Neptun. Abschließend noch eine kurze Übersicht der Neptun-Transitzeiträume: Jupiter-Uranus Enhancement 13. Neptun Quadratur/ Opposition Saturn: (/) Verschleierung der Logik, des abstrakten Gedanken, Trägheit, Entmutigung, unangenehme Veränderungen. Venus Sextil Saturn: Echte Beziehungen, Das Persönliche Tageshoroskop von Astrodienst - gratis und individuel für ihr genaues Geburtsdatum erstellt, mit Texten des renommierten Astrologen Robert Hand. Today we are discovering all the secrets that are behind the sextile position that is between planets Saturn and Neptune. Some more Interpretations of Transit Saturn Sextile Neptune from our astrology reports and readings: It's a colorful insight about relationships. Yet if these two planets (Saturn and Pluto) are in a harmonious Natal aspect to each other in the birth chart (trine, sextile, semi-sextile, etc.) Analog: Uranus im 12. Hier also die etwas gekürzte und übersetzte Fassung – herzlichen […] Uncertainties may become more reliable, or perhaps you can come to terms with any doubts that may plague particular areas of your life. Der transitierende Saturn in Ihrem elften Haus. Schriftliche astrologische Jahresvorschau Für Catherine Deneuve geboren am 22.10.1943 um 13:35 WET/S in Paris Zeitraum: 01.05.2005-30.04.2006 Erstellt mit Astroplus von Wolfgang Peterat • Autor: Frank Felber - Saturn conjunct Neptune transit is generally associated with insecurity, confusion, self-doubt, and guilt. Your life takes on a deeper meaning. Pluto Semi-Sextile Sun 17. In dieser Zeit können wir … You do not feel very confident about them. Your interest in spirituality and philosophy increases. Contact with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are felt over longer periods. Free Horoscopes charts, calculations Birth Natal Chart Online Calculator Ascendant, Rising Sign Calculator Astro Portrait: Sun, Moon, ASC Personal Daily Horoscope Transit Chart Calculator Solar Return, Solar Arc, Progressions Synastry, Composite, Davison Chart Traditional Astrology Calculator Sidereal Astrology … Accept that with time, things will come to their place. One is the planet associated with evil at every opportunity. Compassion, harmony, kindness, and openness characterize this transit. Neptun bezieht sich auf die feinstoffliche Welt, Feingefühl, Träume, soziale, helfende oder künstlerische Inhalte. Gentleness with others is the best way to harness this energy. The transit of Saturn square your natal Neptune produces great uncertainty and confusion. You may have to confront problems of laziness, incompetence, ill health, and unreliability. Am 9. Saturn forms an out-of-sign trine to the Sun, but is contra-parallel by declination and is also in opposition to the Sun by antiscion, and the Sun is in the terms of Saturn whilst Saturn is in Leo, so there is mixed mutual reception there. Transit Saturn Sextile Neptune When transit Saturn is sextile your natal Neptune, you reach a superior understanding of everything that is around you. Neptun steht für eine höhere Form der Liebe, und Merkur repräsentiert das Kommunikationskonzept, so dass Sie heute einen tieferen Sinn im Umgang mit Freunden suchen. Neptune Conjunct: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Midheaven, Ascendant. Planetareschen Aspekter: Saturn Sextil Neptun. and lifts my spirits occasionally. Neptune means ideals, hopes and dreams. This transit sometimes correlates with feelings of rejection or unusual experiences in love. When transit Saturn is sextile your natal Neptune, you reach a superior understanding of everything that is around you. But sometimes yes – that’s exactly where we’re supposed to be. Transit Saturn Conjunct Neptune. You will possibly be interested in topics such as astrology, and these help you make an important decision. The aspects it makes to your natal planets last for 2 weeks up to 2 months, and in the houses, Saturn can remain for over 2 years. Venus trine Neptune Heightened sensibilities. then this aspect may be noticeably less intense and stressful. This period is often out of your control. You can use intuition to your benefit and to structure your approaches. I … Während dieses Saturn Transits zu Neptun stehen Bodenständigkeit und Verantwortung in Einklang mit allen geistigen sowie unbewussten Belangen. Derzeit ist man zu beiden Betrachtungsweisen fähig, was es einem ermöglicht, das Leben aus mehreren Perspektiven zugleich zu betrachten. That is why many dreams and inner spiritual and mystical searches can become reality. Many sensations are awakening. November 2016, also nur wenige Tage nach dem Saturn-Transit auf den Aszendenten, verkündete Angela Merkel ihre erneute Kanzlerkandidatur. Sun-Jupiter Bi-Directional Quincunx 14. D'Äntwert hänkt dovun of ob et en Aspekt ass, deen an Ärem Gebuertsdiagramm geschitt ass, deen am Moment am Kosmos (Transit-to-Transit Aspekt) forméiert, Är Diagramm transitt, oder an engem Diagrammvergläich (Synastrie - Bezéiungsastrologie) geschitt. Your goals are not very clear so it is best to make your life as simple as possible. Haus, im Oktober 2016 verließ er es und trat auf den Aszendenten, um ab sofort für längere Zeit im 1.Haus zu sein.. Am 20. You can reflect on how to break the insecurities and fears that are hindering your efficiency. It is also convenient for your goals to be linked to your spiritual ideals, or for you to make the necessary changes to make it so. As a result, you see more clearly how the different levels of your life interact, and you gain in wisdom. This transit represents an opportunity to make your ideals a reality. SATURN CONJUNCT YOUR NEPTUNE (Medium-duration, 1-4 weeks) Your career duties can be vague, complex, and even chaotic during this period. Alle Ziele und Pläne, die auf lange Sicht angelegt sind, haben Erfolg, denn Zähigkeit, Ausdauer, Geduld, Organisa­tionstalent und die Fähigkeit Verantwortung zu übernehmen kommen diesen Menschen dabei zugute. Dinge werden sowohl sachlich und realistisch reflektiert als auch … It gives the impression that you have no control over your life and that it is under the domination of forces beyond your control. Contact with Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are felt over longer periods. Transit Saturn in a sextile with natal Saturn . Your email address will not be published. This period prompts you to put things in order, especially what you usually avoid. Neptun Konjunktion Uranus (): Fusion der Technik mit der Fantasie. Saturn Transits Every 7 years or so, Saturn will transit conjunct, square, or opposite a natal planet. By seeing things as they are, you can bridge the gap between the apprehension of what you don?t know and the conviction of what you do. Anette // June 8, 2016 at 1:02 pm // Reply. They would criticise greed, corruption, and avoid superficialities in life. Sometimes they come together and at others, they separate. Venus-Pluto Enhancement 10. You feel inadequate and your negative thoughts affect the effectiveness of your work, and create extreme circumstances around you. So during transit Saturn conjunct Neptune you are going to strip away the superficialities of Neptune. This transit is a spiritual test that makes you move away from the material world, and to make sure that you do not get your inner spiritual meaning from the material world. I throroughly enjoyed it. November stehen die großen Planeten Saturn und Neptun nochmal im schwach harmonischen Sextil zueinander. You have a sincere and sober attitude. Feld. Mit dem Jupiter-Sextil Saturn im Geburtshoroskop sind Sie ein ausgezeichneter Schüler des Lebens, der wichtige Lehren aus Ihren Erfahrungen zieht und sie auf die Gegenwart anwendet. So gelten beispielsweise Mars-Saturn und Sonne Saturn Transite als schwierig, Mond-Venus Transite hingegen als leicht und positiv. Pluto-Sun Enhancement 11. Unter diesem Transit haben Sie nicht viel übrig für oberflächliche Vergnügungen; Sie wollen sich lieber ernsthaft mit den Menschen auseinandersetzen. Saturn: NEPTUN Quadrat SATURN Der Realitätssinn kann durch zu hohen Idealismus oder Enbildungen irritert werden. Transiting Pluto Aspects. Neptun verweist auf die immateriellen Werte. Transit Neptune Trine Saturn Meaning, Transit Chart Aspect, Free Astrology Interpretations . • Selbstlos bedürftige Partner/Angehörige/Freunde umsorgen und pflegen. Januar und am 18. Saturn square Neptune transit – I have been scouring the internet for ages. You become very demanding about your ideals, and you do not see their relationship with your goals and your material world. The Mercury conjunct Saturn transit is known to make people more criticizing in the way they’re thinking, meaning they should seriously work with this when being challenged from a mental point of view. Normally, things seem worse than they are, and everything seems to require more effort and work. This allows you to work hard to achieve your ideals and structure changes to reach a reality that is higher and more spiritually true. You feel capable of sacrificing something in your life to calm your inner anguish. You may find that you can escape with your friends, those … But if … Pluto Conjunct Moon A time of great change and evolution, in particular regarding your home life and surroundings -- your support system. You can structure your life incorporating more compassion and being more capable of making certain sacrifices for the benefit of others. In astrology, Saturn is the planet of conformity, responsibility, limitation and restriction, pushing us to focus more, respect our time and be self-disciplined. Sextil, Trigon Viel, viel Phantasie. When you focus without being fixed on any particular target or objective, you can gain more than when you are specific in your pursuits. Neptun Sextil NEPTUNE: AGES 26-28. Du hittar några, många eller alla av följande, beroende på hur stark denna aspekt är i födelsetabellen: Transit till transit: Med Saturn bildar en sextil till Neptun, Saturnus disciplin kan hjälpa till att skapa struktur eller mening i våra drömmar och ideal. Saturn sextile Neptune is serious about religion and spirituality. This explains why besides feeling depressed & demoralised I can hardly muster up motivation to do just about anything. • Tipp für Paare: romantische Momente an Gewässern, Genuss von Kunst und Musik, Tantraseminar. You may draw a whole new environment around you after boiling down the current situation to the bare essentials. Das Sextil ist eine Verbindung die Kooperation und gute Zusammenarbeit möglich macht. Transiting Saturn trine or sextile your natal Neptune. For Entertainment purposes only. Sun-Pluto Bi-Directional Quincunx 16. You can now plan your future by taking the inner spiritual world into more account. Langsam und stetig gelangen Sie zu neuen Einsichten über Ihre Umwelt und It is a matter of having an intention without attempting to formulate an outcome. When that natal planet is Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, or Mars, we feel the effects in a personal way depending on the planet involved. Pluto Conjunct … Dieser Aspekt wird jetzt nochmals exakt … Saturn sextil Slunce: Vytrvalost, soustředěná tvůrčí vůle, zvýšená odolnost, uzdravení, úspěchy, seznámení a protekce starších osob, vážná rozhodnutí dle věcí domů, v mužském horoskopu se vztahuje na otce, v ženském spíše na manžela. It’s … Neptun konjunkcija Saturn. Conditions are favorable for you to choose appropriately from the unlimited possibilities that surround you. Sanftes, sachangepasstes und intuitiv gesteuertes Auftreten. Nachdem ich noch nie trefflichere Praxis-Tipps zum Umgang mit Pluto gelesen hatte, bat ich Lynn, diesen Text veröffentlichen zu dürfen. While this period can highlight inherent weaknesses, you generally benefit from working with shortcomings and even turning them into strengths just by acknowledging that they exist. Nowhere else does it say this, so THANK YOU. Venus sextile Neptune transit arouses your sensual and caring side. When it transiting Saturn makes prominent aspects to your natal planets, it is likely that life tests you if you have learned the lessons of Saturn. Mars-Venus Enhancement 8. Menschenfreundliches, mitfühlendes Auftreten. That’s so crappy! If you are secure in own limitations and have been responsible, honest and fair in your dealings, this can actually be a satisfying time of life. You can structure your life incorporating more compassion and being more capable of making certain sacrifices for the benefit of others. Dort loszulassen, wo wir an irdische Grenzen stoßen und uns hingeben müssen, ist nicht immer einfach. Saturn trine Neptune is a wonderfully inspiring connection that, in the first place, takes you on a journey to discovery of new spiritual realms and heights. This means that you can tackle intricate tasks with the odds that you can unravel their complexities. Transit Neptune can show areas of confusion, where you may see some things "dissolve" from your life, and where you can have greater spiritual awareness. When transit Saturn is conjunct your natal Neptune, you have very negative mood swings, with confusion, uncertainty, and doubts about how to structure your life from now on. When transit Neptune is sextile your natal Saturn, there is a balance between idealism and reality. Am 31. When transiting Saturn makes a sextile or trine to your Sun, things tend to be stable and unexciting (unless, of course, transiting Uranus is hitting at the same time!). You can also make great sacrifices now, work for some organization that helps the underprivileged or needy, or give your money to some cause. Kann spirituelle und materielle Themen manchmal verständlich verbinden. According to how prepared you are, it can be very favorable at a spiritual and psychic level.

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