BMW DCT gearbox control: Adjusted internal torque calculation model. It is the best choice for those who have no or little experience in editing files. With a hold feature if the driver lifts. Quick Start Guide for the Alientech ECM Titanium USB dongle installation and setup Alientech EVO Illumination Frame User Manual (Size: 477.6 KB) Fixed a bug where the E85 sensor caused to much error-codes. Fixed a bug where the error code 84 accidentally was triggered on some vehicles connected to the CAN-bus. Power adder control system added the the Power management system to add/remove boost or nitrous depending on speed deviation. Drivers who offer an organized and powerful interface to create and manage projects for ECM Tuning V1.61 modified files. All values in MTune can now be entered as hexadecimal data (start with 0x). Fixed a bug causing the ECU on time and Engine run time timers running 1% to fast. Added external CAN wideband controler (user defined) in the lambda sensor inputs. So you can act directly on the values of the physical map, such as Nm, Bar, mm3. Speedometer output can now be calibrated using a table. New trigger: Single pulse per 720 degrees. ), CAN for OEM protocols, OBDII, and CAN modules, Clutch slip control with user defined tables (as an example), Measure injector resistance directly from software, Tachometer output selectable 5/12V, supports external flyback coil. You can zoom, rotate and act on the values directly from the graphics window. Battery Voltage filter added in Filters/error codes. Using Drivers to read the files contained in the ECU, you can easily find the main maps and PDM Lights, park outputs are now also activated by the Light low beam or Lights, high beam inputs. Improved Trigger logger with the possibility to log and view all available DIN/VR-signals. Setting to allow Power management system to add overall ignition advance. Switches to select boost level and other functions in MDash, More options for transmission lockup control, Fixed bug with incorrect speed calculation when using driftshaft sensor, Removed settings that should have been hidden, Control of pneumatic dragracing transmissions, Fixed a bug where timer 1-3 was running too slow, Fixed a bug with the key input not working when connected to a virtual input, Fixed a bug in the traction control system when no module was connected, Selectable filtering of Traction module accelerometer reading (requires a firmware update of the traction module), Three extra tables for user defined functions, Additional fuel and ignition adjustment tables, Fixed problem with the connection to MDash, Warnings can be disabled on launch control, More ignition trim allowed on launch control, Support for 4L60E/4L65E automatic transmissions, Setting for inverting the ignition outputs for some CDI-systems, New cam and VVT trigger: 8-1, alternative trigger position (for use where the missing gap of the cam overlaps the missing gap on the crank), Electronic throttle control (using an external CAN module) can be run. CAN OBD-II input feature to read engine data from the OEM ECU when using a MaxxECU as a piggyback ecu (IAT, CLT, TPS, MAP, Lambda). Fixed a bug where blip active state did not work when a blip solenoid was used. Ctrl + A keyboard shortcut to select all cells in a table. by ecuedit » Fri Sep 08, 2017 9:18 am. New Temporary cylinder shutoff function to disable injectors/ignition outputs to test for missing cylinders while engine is running. ECM TATANIUM is freely to work with other ECU chip tuning tools, such as FGTECH Galletto V54, MPPS V16, KESS V2, K-TAG etc. Fixed a bug where the boost limiter error code showed after an firmware update on the MaxxECU RACE. Direct Output control from PDM1 outputs can now be used in the ECU too (so PDM user outputs can control ECU outputs too). Bugfix: Firmware update dialog sometimes hides behind main window after update. It is compatible with a wide variety of car, motorbike, truck, tractor and boat files. Can be entered as decimal or hex data. This is a course to show you how to use the ECM Titanium Software to tune vehicles, this course will be followed by tuning courses for specific ECU tuning using the ECM Titanium Software. No trigger errors during cranking, will instead be displayed after engine cranked (if not started). New RealTime Data value: Driveshaft-Engine Ratio. Bug fix: Creep output stuck at 40% duty regardless of settings. New Launch control cut mode (cut % from table). Fixed. New trigger: Suzuki Swift M15A 2005 - 2010. Bug fix: Bluetooth password reverted to default 123456 if loading a previously saved tune file before connecting to the ECU. Fixed a bug with 4D table when the Z-axis was negative. MTune performance update, reduced MTune loading times by at least half with dynamic object handling. Added option to individually calibrate EGT-sensors. Useful for CAN Outputs. Here is the instruction on installing new version ECM TITANIUM 1.61 With 26000+ DRIVER crack software step-by-step. Fixed a bug where the second rev-limit mode used the first modes cut type. Presets in the log-viewer. Search in MTune RealTime values and stored log-files (files from live-logger or internal logger). There’s even a searchable archive with years of previous postings, and the Listserv will allow you to receive important product announcements from our company. The tabular representation of data stored in the file read from the ECU is the easiest way, fast and intuitive to interpret, increase or decrease values. New injector presets: Honda CBX1100X11 (OEM), SFI smartfire 1600cc, KTM500 (OEM), Bosch 443cc, Bosch 390cc, Bosch 790cc. Added an option to set the allowed voltage outside the defined range for E-throttle Pedal position (to allow for the kickdown range). Added an option for single cylinder engines in Engine settings. Improved speed in surface 3D view during Smoothing. A team of specialised engineers, daily committed to the software development, offers new drivers to all Alientech customers, in order to always meet the latest market needs. ECM Titanium Management Tools allows you to accurately modify the file stored inside the engine control unit (ECU) memory (EPROM) without any difficulty for Diesel and Petrol, naturally-aspirated or turbo-charged, the software lets you rapidly adjust the maps values (injection, spark-advance, pressure, TURBO) and the limiters saved inside EPROM files. Dragracing traction control. Fixed a bug where the secondary hold function on CAN keypad did not work as expected. Up to 20% engine cut is allowed before the lambda-control is deactivated. Lean power cut from lambda target table as an option. Fixed a bug caused MaxxECU MINI to not reflect the IGN output voltage setting (5/12V). New RealTime Data value: Internal outputs states. Fixed a bug that caused incorrect temperature values when selecting predefined temp sensors in US imperial mode. New RealTime Data value: Clutch switch active. Options to calibrate the built-in Accelerometer in MaxxECU PRO. PDM: Added options for keypad buttons to indicate PDM faults (blinking red). Does not need to wait for x number of signals before drawing the bars. 3 point linear table generator on CLT/IAT inputs, NTC Sensor Setup dialog. Fix for an ABS warning light on some Mazda RX8 vehicles using the Mazda RX8 OEM CAN Protocol. ECM TITANIUM is one of the best tuning Software. After reading the file stored in the memory of the ECU, all you have to do is upload the file and the software starts a search for the presence of compatible drivers both in your database and data bank online. Fixed a bug where some table editing functions didn't show up in tables with a just 1 axis. Fixed a bug where hidden settings from a test-version of 1.122 could cause the boost-controller to not work. Bugfix: Timeslip data xxx instead of xx.x. Fixed a bug where ignition output coil duty was not displayed correctly in RealTime Data, output states. Fixed a bug in the Math channels calculations. It is the best choice for those who have no or little experience in editing files. Fixed a bug with unhandled exception when changing measurement system and a logfile was opened. Download ECU Logs from a shortcut on the main MTune screen. New PWM Input Frequency+Duty digital input function to read frequency and duty. New external lambda controller added: AEM X-series (30-0300). Option for extra tolerance on the missing tooth trigger system for high compression engines. Added the ability to activate a digital input function directly in the bluetooth settings, switches. Fixed a bug causing hold for second function on keypad to not function properly. Fixed a bug where Surface 3D view not reloaded the view after a inverted view was requested by the right-click menu option. New RealTime Data value: Brake switch active. Labels on all output functions in output config: Sinking, H-bridge and 12V driving). Automatic mode for the trigger/home arm voltages. Fixed a bug causing the Fuel EGT correction page to not show up when using EGTs on AINs on some ECU. Separated fuel/ignition inhibit in case of configuration errors. Bugfix: Local autotune did not function in main fuel 2D table. Viper V10 and odd-fire wasted spark support. ECM Titanium special feature is so called ‘Drivers’, software modules which transform the file parameters into a structure easy to comprehend. Bug fix: Search function in some cases stopped responding. Added options to use custom fail-safe thresholds for IAT and CLT Sensors. Nitrous control: A fuel-model based dry stage system. Then the software starts a search to check the presence of compatible drivers both in our personal as well as in the online database. Fixed a bug causing incorrect autotune operation if the operation was repeated on the same area. New keyboard shortcut to switch between 2D/3D is the key D. Pressing ESC key anywhere in MTune, sets focus on the settings tree view. Will now prevent Autotune on password-protected VE-tables. Added a dead time setting for the User PID output function. Injection and ignition output test function will now work with secondary injectors, trailing ignition and ign/inj outputs assigned to other outputs. Increased the number of User CAN Inputs to 24 channels. New ECU error code: 189 - SENT protocol Error. Adjusted start-up thresholds for the Rover K-series (lotus elise) 1.8 trigger. Fixed bug with simultaneous fuel injection. Options to set Keypad backlight level with lights on and off (when using a PDM). User outputs: Added hysteresis functionallity, User outputs: Compare two variables in functions, User outputs: More conditions, up to 5 on each output, User outputs: Trigger 2 input functions from 1 user output/internal output, Tables can be setup to not use interpolation (step mode). ME 7.5 OEM CAN protocol update: Smoother RPM output in dash. Fixed a bug limiting the values that could be input in the CAN input system offset setting (should now be -2147483648 to 2147483647). Fixed a bug causing nitrous lambda protection to activate before the nitrous system. SPACE keyboard shortcut to go to current engine data in 2D/3D. Nitrous control: Ramp back of ignition timing on stage deactivation. Supports ranges from 2-1 to 180-4, Honda K20Z4 12+1 crank with 4+1 cam trigger, Single pulse per 720 degrees (piggyback trigger), Suzuki 13B (requires modified trigger wheel), Mazda MX5 NB cam trigger with missing tooth. New trigger: Subaru 2-teeth cam/vvt trigger. Fixed a bug in BMW DCT control where shift status was not correct when in Reverse gear. New OEM CAN protocol: BMW E39 M5 (MSS52). Fixed a bug with incorrect scaling of injector deadtimes as tables. CAN inputs (advanced) - Receive CAN data from external electronics and use in MaxxECU, such as OEM vehicle buttons. Max time on shiftcut removed and replaced with table control instead. Trigger pattern generator to output trigger pattern to test MaxxECUs and other ECUs. Changed so the nitrous RPM can be set to 0 for Nitrous testing purposes. Automatic calculation of drive shaft RPM from wheel speeds. BMW DCT gearbox control: New blip delay function added. Alientech is the only company to offer you everything: chiptuning tools, remapping courses and everything you need to grow your business. Dig deep for seriously advanced settings Improved fuel calculation resolution and changed a few fuel RT-values to µsec resolution. Fixed a bug causing the boost controller min/max duty's and dead-time correction to not work. PDM: Added Low power mode (works on rev3 and later hardware). Two more Trailing ignition outputs added. Added min RPM settings for the VVT control. Added settings for ignition angle lock on the Trigger settings page. Fixed a nasty bug which we accidentally added in the last minutes before launching MTune 1.116, causing an unhandled exception when clicking on any axis values in 2D mode. New digital input function: Throttle blip enable. Bugfix: Incorrect file names were shown in program bar. Hexadecimal View Checksum Support for Can Keypads with multicolor LED. Fixed a bug causing crashes when opening/comparing files from 1.108 or before. New Rev limiter cut pattern for smoother rev limiting. Fixed a bug in BMW DCT gearbox control which disengage clutch in reverse gear. New pulse single output mode in Diagnostics --> injection and ignition output test. New auto gearbox support: Toyota A340E/A341E. The parameters are divided in categories (injection, advance, torque, turbo pressure, limiters) where you can find real parameters for modification – engine power increase and fuel consumption decrease. New sensor preset: HV Electronics temp sensor. Options to calculate transmission input RPM from driveshaft rpm (or wheel speed) and gear ratios in Sensor setup.

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